About Inmate Search Info

InmateSearchInfo.com is part of the QuickLocate LLC family of websites. The first QuickLocate LLC website, USA Trace, was launched in 1997 by a private investigator as one of the first websites to give users access to public records. Today, the number of QuickLocate websites has grown under the ownership of a former private investigator to provide information and assistance with locating people around the United States using public records and other publicly available information.

Inmate Search Info was created with the desire to become the go-to source for finding inmates around the United States. Every day there are thousands of people looking for lost family members and friends and – with over 1.6 million people in US federal and state prisons – many of them won’t be found without knowing how to check the prison system. We have carefully researched each state and created step-by-step instructions and videos on how to search US prisons. With our 25+ years of experience in finding people – with our sites and as private investigators – we know exactly the kind of information you need. Plus, we’re also partnered with other data providers to help you with traditional people finder information, which means you can use Inmate Search Info to find people in and out of prison across the US.

We are always working to improve our site content with up to date links, instructions, and tips to make locating an inmate as easy as possible. If the inmate information is out there, we want to make it as straight forward for you to find it as possible.

The QuickLocate family has been around for a long time and we plan to stick around to help people connect (and reconnect) with other people wherever they might be.