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Find inmates incarcerated in North Dakota (ND) State prisons, Federal prison, County jails and the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCR) system.

North Dakota Incarceration Stats for Federal, State and Local Jail Jurisdiction:

  • North Dakota Total Incarceration: 1,689
  • North Dakota Total Incarceration per 100,000 Adults: 295
  • North Dakota Total Incarceration per 100,000 (All Ages): 226
    *Per 2017 US DOJ Bureau of Justice Statistics based on sentenced North Dakota prisoners.

Table of Contents

North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Inmate Search

Step 1: Visit the North Dakota inmate lookup page, where you will see the resident search below:
North Dakota Inmate Search

Step 2: The North Dakota offender search is done by last name only (either full or partial). Enter as much of the last name of the inmate as you know and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

ND Inmate Search

Step 3: The area refreshes and you will see a list of all inmates matching the last name you entered. You will see a full name, date of birth, and DOCR ID number.
North Dakota Offender Search

Step 4: Clicking on any of the information in the row of the inmate you’re interested in will take you to a basic profile page, including a mugshot, location of their correctional facility (including the address) and the estimated release date.

ND Offender Search

North Dakota Department of Corrections Information

North Dakota department of correctionsAddress: 
3100 Railroad Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501
Phone:  701-328-6390
Fax: 701-328-6651

Other North Dakota Inmate Searches

North Dakota Sex Offender Search

The North Dakota Attorney General’s Office provides several sex offender lists, some of which are searchable.

The ND General Sex Offender list is a list that can be searched by location (either city or county). Once you’ve made a selection, you will given a download of the list of ND sex offenders in that area, including a name, last known address, and convictions.

ND Sex Offender Search

North Dakota also provides a Detailed Sex Offender Search, which allows for more options for searching for sex offender, including age (along with location based searches.  These searches only include the highest risk registered ND sex offenders or those who committed the most serious sex crimes.  If a name search is used, you must enter a last name and at least an initial for the first name.

North Dakota Sex Offender Search

The results include a small photo, full name, date of birth, last known address, and any known aliases that have been used by the offender.

Clicking on a name, will take you to a profile page with a larger photo (and additional photos if available), a basic physical description, address, and details about the qualifying sexual offenses.

ND Sex Offender Details

Finally, North Dakota also provides a list of delinquent sex offenders – that is, those who haven’t kept up with their registration requirements.

North Dakota Crime Data

The North Dakota Attorney General’s Office provides crime data for the state from 2010 to the present.

Search for North Dakota Prisons
Search by the name of the North Dakota prison, jail, or federal facility for visitation hours, phone numbers, addresses, direct website links, and other prison details.

North Dakota Department of Correction Facilities Inmate Search

DOC Facility Name County Type Phone Fax Location
ND DOC – North Dakota State Penitentiary Burleigh County State Prison 701-328-6100 701-328-6640  3100 Railroad Avenue PO Box 5521 Bismarck , ND 58506-5521
ND DOC – Dakota Women’s Correctional and Rehabilitation Center Hettinger County State Prison 701-579-5100 701-579-5101  440 McKenzie Street New England , ND 58647
ND DOC – James River Correctional Center Stutsman County State Prison 701-253-3660 701-253-3735  2521 Circle Drive Jamestown , ND 58401
ND DOC – Missouri River Correctional Center Burleigh County State Prison 701-328-9696 701-328-9690  1800 48th Avenue Southwest PO Box 5521 Bismarck , ND 58506
Heart of America Correctional & Treatment Center Pierce County State Prison 701-776-2221 701-776-2248  110 Industrial Road Rugby , ND 58368
ND DOC – Bismarck Transition Center Burleigh County State Prison 701-222-3440 701-222-3599  2001 Lee Avenue Bismarck , ND 58504
Tompkins Rehabilitation and Corrections Center Stutsman County State Prison 701-253-3755 701-253-3757  2504 Circle Drive Jamestown , ND 58401

North Dakota County Inmate Search

Jail Name County Type Phone Fax Location
Adams County ND Jail Adams County County Jail 701-567-2530 701-567-2454  602 Adams Avenue PO Box 1040 Hettinger , ND 58639-1040
Barnes County ND Jail Barnes County County Jail 701-845-8532 701-845-2495  491 2nd Avenue NW Valley City , ND 58072
Benson County ND Jail Benson County County Jail 701-473-5357 701-473-5571  311 B Avenue South PO Box 194 Minnewaukan , ND 58351-0194
Billings County ND Jail Billings County County Jail 701-623-4323 701-623-4152  495 4th Street PO Box 157 Medora , ND 58645-0157
Bottineau County Jail Bottineau County County Jail 701-228-2740 701-228-2336  314 5th Street West Bottineau , ND 58318-1273
Bowman County Jail Bowman County County Jail 701-264-7790 701-264-7687  102 1st Avenue
PO Box 409 Bowman , ND 58623-0409
Burke County ND Jail Burke County County Jail 701-377-2311 701-377-2177  103 Main Street SW PO Box 250 Bowbells , ND 58721-0250
Burleigh County ND Detention Center Burleigh County County Jail 701-222-6651 701-221-6899  514 East Thayer Avenue Bismarck , ND 58501
Cass County ND Jail Cass County County Jail 701-271-2900 701-271-2968  450 34th Street South Fargo , ND 58103
Cass County ND Juvenile Detention Cass County County Jail 701-271-2900 701-271-2968  450 34th Street South Fargo , ND 58103
Cavalier County ND Jail Cavalier County County Jail 701-256-2555 701-256-2571  901 3rd Street Langdon , ND 58294
Dickey County ND Jail Dickey County County Jail 701-349-3249 701-349-4746  309 North 2nd Street PO Box 297 Ellendale , ND 58436
Divide County ND Jail Divide County County Jail 701-965-6461  300 North Main Street Crosby , ND 58730-0275
Dunn County ND Jail Dunn County County Jail 701-573-4449 701-573-4311  205 Owens Street Manning , ND 58642-4449
Emmons County ND Jail Emmons County County Jail 701-254-4411 701-254-5311  100 4th Street NW PO Box 159 Linton , ND 58552
Foster County ND Jail Foster County County Jail 701-652-2251 701-652-2173  1000 5th Street North Box 45 Carrington , ND 58421
Golden Valley County ND Sheriff’s Jail Golden Valley County County Jail 701-872-4733 701-872-3485  150 1st Avenue Southeast Beach , ND 58621
Grand Forks County ND Correctional Center Grand Forks County County Jail 701-780-8224 701-780-8400  1701 North Washington PO Box 5244 Grand Forks , ND 58206-5244
Grand Forks County ND Juvenile Detention Grand Forks County County Jail 701-780-8224 701-780-8400  1701 North Washington PO Box 5244 Grand Forks , ND 58201
Grant County ND Jail Grant County County Jail 701-622-3331 701-622-3343  106 2nd Avenue Northeast Carson , ND 58529
Griggs County ND Jail Griggs County County Jail 701-797-2202  808 Rollin Avenue SW PO Box 574 Coopersstown , ND 58425
Hettinger County ND Jail Hettinger County County Jail 701-824-2935 701-824-2717  336 Pacific Avenue Mott , ND 58646
Kidder County ND Jail Kidder County County Jail 701-475-2422 701-475-2298  120 East Broadway PO Box 318 Steele , ND 58482
LaMoure County ND Jail Lamoure County County Jail 701-883-5720  202 4th Avenue NE LaMoure , ND 58458
Logan County ND Sheriff’s Jail Logan County County Jail 701-754-2495 701-754-2270  301 Broadway PO Box 5 Napolean , ND 58561-7010
McHenry County ND Jail McHenry County County Jail 701-537-5633 701-537-5910  402 1st Street SE Towner , ND 58788
McIntosh County ND Jail McIntosh County County Jail 701-288-3724 701-288-3671  112 1st Street NE PO Box 26 Ashley , ND 58413
McKenzie County ND Jail McKenzie County County Jail 701-842-3654 701-842-2105  201 5th Street NW Watford City , ND 58854
McLean County ND Jail McLean County County Jail 701-462-8103 701-462-3441  712 5th Avenue County Courthouse Washburn , ND 58620
Mercer County ND Jail Mercer County County Jail 701-745-3333 701-745-3347  1021 Arthur Street
PO Box 39 Stanton , ND 58571
Morton County ND Correctional Center Morton County County Jail 701-667-3330 701-667-3463  205 1st Avenue NW Mandan , ND 58554
Mountrail County ND Jail Mountrail County County Jail 701-628-2975 701-628-3975  101 North Main Street Stanley , ND 58784
Nelson County ND Jail Nelson County County Jail 701-247-2474  210 B Avenue West Lakota , ND 58344
Oliver County ND Jail Oliver County County Jail 701-794-3450 701-794-3476  115 West Main PO Box 362 Center , ND 58530
Pembina County ND Jail Pembina County County Jail 701-265-4122 701-265-3194  308 Courthouse Drive Cavalier , ND 58220
Pierce County Jail – North Central Correctional Center & Rehabilitation Center Pierce County County Jail 701-776-5245 701-776-6818  110 Industial Park Road Rugby , ND 58368-0226
Ramsey County ND Jail Ramsey County County Jail 701-662-0708 701-662-0707  222 West Walnut Street Devils Lake , ND 58301-3596
Ramsey County ND Juvenile Detention Center Ramsey County County Jail 701-662-0700  222 West Walnut Street Devils Lake , ND 58301-3596
Ransom County Jail Ransom County County Jail 701-683-5255 701-683-5226  204 5th Avenue West PO Box 627 Lisbob , ND 58054
Renville County ND Jail Renville County County Jail 701-756-6386 701-756-7158  205 Main Street East Mohall , ND 58761
Richland County ND Jail Richland County County Jail 701-642-7711 701-642-7720  413 3rd Avenue North Wahpeton , ND 58075
Rolette County ND Jail Rolette County County Jail 701-477-5623 701-477-3484  102 NE 2nd Street
PO Box 447 Rolla , ND 58367
Sargent County ND Jail Sargent County County Jail 701-724-3302 701-724-3300  355 Main Street #6 Forman , ND 58032
Sheridan County ND Jail Sheridan County County Jail 701-363-2200 701-363-2702  215 2nd Street East PO Box 589 McClusky , ND 58463
Sioux County ND Jail Sioux County County Jail 701-854-3481 701-854-3854  302 2nd Avenue PO Box L Fort Yates , ND 58538
Slope County ND Jail Slope County County Jail 701-879-6271 701-879-6278  206 South Main Street Amidon , ND 58620
Stark County ND Jail Stark County County Jail 701-456-7610 701-456-7692  66 Museum Drive West PO Box 130 Dickinson , ND 58602-0130
Dakota Horizons Juvenile Detention Stark County County Jail 701-456-7790 701-456-7687  66 Museum Drive Dickinson , ND 58601
Steele County ND Jail Steele County County Jail 701-524-2742 701-524-1715  201 Washington Avenue West Finley , ND 58230
Stutsman County ND Correctional Center (SCCC) Stutsman County County Jail 701-252-7436 701-251-6252  205 6th Street SE Jamestown , ND 58401
Towner County ND Jail Towner County County Jail 701-968-4350 701-968-4351  315 2nd Street PO Box 366 Cando , ND 58324-0603
Traill County ND Jail Traill County County Jail 701-636-4510 701-636-4308  114 West Caledonia Hillsboro , ND 58045
Walsh County ND Jail Walsh County County Jail 701-352-2041 701-352-3347  638 Cooper Avenue Grafton , ND 58237
Ward County ND Juvenile Detention Center Ward County County Jail 701-857-6518 701-857-6533  315 3rd Street SE PO Box 9076 Minot , ND 58702
Wells County ND Jail Wells County County Jail 701-547-3211 701-547-2536  700 Railway Street North PO Box 306 Fessenden , ND 58438
Williams County ND Jail Williams County County Jail 701-577-4585 701-577-7705  223 East Broadway, Suite 302 Williston , ND 58801
NW Youth Assessment Center Williams County County Jail 701-577-7708 701-577-7705  512 4th Avenue East PO Box 2047 Williston , ND 58801

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